The Maudsley Philosophy Group podcast series

The Maudsley Philosophy Group has organised a series of seminars and high profile lectures which bring together clinicians and researchers with philosophers and public intellectuals.

Latest podcast:

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You can also listen back to recordings from previous seminars and lectures below.

Prof Hugh Bowden: Hubris in Democratic Athens


Prof Raymond Tallis: 'I am' and 'It is': Reflections on the Embodied Subject


Dr Gareth Owen: Mental Disorder and Autonomy: Classical and Romantic Perspectives


Dr Tania Gergel: Ulysses contracts - Homer's Odyssey, fluctuating capacity and advance decision-making in psychiatry


Prof Tim Crane: What is Consciousness?


Prof Raymond Tallis: How Can We Possibly Be Free?


Prof Roger Scruton: First-person awareness and the human condition


Prof David Papineau: Could There Be a Science of Consciousness?


Prof John Gray: Science as a vehicle for myth