The Maudsley Philosophy Group podcast series

The Maudsley Philosophy Group has organised a series of seminars and high profile lectures which bring together clinicians and researchers with philosophers and public intellectuals.

Listen back to recordings from previous seminars and lectures, and be sure to follow us to be notified when new recordings become available.

Peter Pomerantsev: Power, Personality and Populism: Perspectives from Media

Prof Hugh Bowden: Hubris in Democratic Athens


Prof Raymond Tallis: 'I am' and 'It is': Reflections on the Embodied Subject


Dr Gareth Owen: Mental Disorder and Autonomy: Classical and Romantic Perspectives


Dr Tania Gergel: Ulysses contracts - Homer's Odyssey, fluctuating capacity and advance decision-making in psychiatry


Prof Tim Crane: What is Consciousness?


Prof Raymond Tallis: How Can We Possibly Be Free?


Prof Roger Scruton: First-person awareness and the human condition


Prof David Papineau: Could There Be a Science of Consciousness?


Prof John Gray: Science as a vehicle for myth