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Thursday, 16th October 2022, 18:00 [hybrid] Topic: Computational Psychiatry: A Pragmatist Perspective Speaker: Sam Wilkinson This event will be held in
Thursday June 16th @ 18:00 [hybrid] Topic: What is Formulation in Psychiatry? Speaker: Dr Gareth Owen This seminar aims to
Thursday April 21st @ 18:00 [online] Topic: Identity or Diagnosis? Reflecting on Current Challenges for Psychiatry Speaker: Dr Chloe Saunders
Thursday March 31st @ 18:00 [online] Topic: Self-illness ambiguity and the role(s) of diagnoses Speaker: Dr Sanneke de Haan Socrates Professor
Speaker: Dr Quinton Deeley Topic: Conspiracism as strategy: QAnon, Politics, and Social Media Thursday, 11th November 2021. 18:00 QAnon, an
Speaker: Dr Jianan Bao Topic: Mediumistic experiences: phenomenology and implication for psychopathology Thursday, 14th October 2021. 18:00 Altered self-experiences (ASEs)
Topic: The organic-functional distinction in psychiatry and neurology Speaker: Dr Vaughn Bell Thursday 9th September 2021. 18:00 The functional-organic distinction
Prof Neil Vickers Professor of English Literature and the Health Humanities at King's College London, and co-director of the Centre for
Prof Havi Carel Professor of Philosophy, University of Bristol Wednesday, 18 November 2020. 18:00 To register for the free event,
Prof Markus Gabriel Chair of Epistemology, Modern and Contemporary Philosophy, University of Bonn Director of the International Centre for Philosophy
(Part 2 and 3 can be viewed via our Youtube channel) 'Power, Personality & Populism' was a half-day conference with
Prof Alexander Bird Sowerby Professor of Philosophy & Medicine, King's College London Hacking’s Theory of Looping Wednesday 28 April 2021.