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The organic-functional distinction in psychiatry and neurology – 9 September 2021
Topic: The organic-functional distinction in psychiatry and neurology Speaker: Dr Vaughn Bell Thursday 9th September 2021. 18:00 Register now:  The…
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Samuel Taylor Coleridge on Proto-psychiatry
Prof Neil Vickers Professor of English Literature and the Health Humanities at King's College London, and co-director of the Centre for…
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The Phenomenology of Social Distancing
Prof Havi Carel Professor of Philosophy, University of Bristol Wednesday, 18 November 2020. 18:00 To register for the free event,…
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Hallucinations as a Reality
Prof Markus Gabriel Chair of Epistemology, Modern and Contemporary Philosophy, University of Bonn Director of the International Centre for Philosophy…
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Power, Personality & Populism conference 2021
(Part 2 and 3 can be viewed via our Youtube channel) 'Power, Personality & Populism' was a half-day conference with…
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Hacking’s Theory of Looping
Prof Alexander Bird Sowerby Professor of Philosophy & Medicine, King’s College London Hacking’s Theory of Looping Wednesday 28 April 2021.…
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Precedent autonomy and shifting identity in bipolar: metaphor; justification; philosophical impact?
Dr Tania Gergel Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, KCL/Maudsley Philosophy Group trustee Precedent autonomy and shifting identity in bipolar: metaphor;…
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Feeding & eating disorders as disorders of embodiment and identity
Prof Giovanni Stanghellini Professor of Dynamic Psychology & Psychopathology, Chieti University 06 November 2019
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Updating the Biopsychosocial Model
Prof Derek Bolton Professor of Philosophy & Psychopathology, King’s College London 03 October 2019
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Conceptions of Self and Metamorphosis in Greek myth
Prof Esther Eidinow, University of Bristol, Dept of Classics 6.00pm Boardroom, IoPPN
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Athenian Hubris
Hubris in Democratic Athens
Prof Hugh Bowden IoPPN, 04 April 2019 Professor Hugh Bowden of Ancient History, King’s College London, speaks on one of…
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‘I am’ and ‘It is’: Reflections on the Embodied Subject
Professor Raymond Tallis 31 January 2019 “Human beings are neither disembodied spirits nor ghosts in biological machines. We are, as…
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