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Athenian Hubris
Hubris in Democratic Athens
Prof Hugh Bowden IoPPN, 04 April 2019 Professor Hugh Bowden of Ancient History, King’s College London, speaks on one of…
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‘I am’ and ‘It is’: Reflections on the Embodied Subject
Professor Raymond Tallis 31 January 2019 “Human beings are neither disembodied spirits nor ghosts in biological machines. We are, as…
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Mental Disorder and Autonomy: Classical and Romantic Perspectives
Dr Gareth Owen 1 November 2018 Psychiatry has long attracted interpretations from cool, detached perspectives valuing objectivity (Kraepelin, Freud, Beck,…
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The Ethics of Powerlessness
Professor Beatrice Han-Pile
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Stories from my patients: dementia and the philosophy of personal identity
Dr Jules Montague
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The concept of truth in psychiatry
Baroness Warnock
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Witchcraft and Psychosis
Dr. Quinton Deeley
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Hubristic leadership: Understanding the causes and mitigating the effects
Dr Graham Robinson and Prof. Eugene Sadler-Smith
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Do societies make us sick?
Prof. Fabien Freyenhagen
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Hypochondria and Self-calibration
Prof. Sherrilyn Roush
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Moebus Syndrome & Schizophrenia
Dr.Joel Krueger
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The contributions of psychotherapy to mental health
Dr.Jeremy Holmes
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