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Prof Alexander Bird Sowerby Professor of Philosophy & Medicine, King's College London Hacking’s Theory of Looping Wednesday 28 April 2021.
Dr Tania Gergel Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, KCL/Maudsley Philosophy Group trustee Precedent autonomy and shifting identity in bipolar: metaphor;
Prof Giovanni Stanghellini Professor of Dynamic Psychology & Psychopathology, Chieti University 06 November 2019 Giovanni Stanghellini is Founder and President of
Prof Derek Bolton Professor of Philosophy & Psychopathology, King's College London 03 October 2019
Prof Esther Eidinow, University of Bristol, Dept of Classics 6.00pm Boardroom, IoPPN
Athenian Hubris
Prof Hugh Bowden IoPPN, 04 April 2019 Professor Hugh Bowden of Ancient History, King's College London, speaks on one of
Professor Raymond Tallis 31 January 2019 "Human beings are neither disembodied spirits nor ghosts in biological machines. We are, as
Dr Gareth Owen 1 November 2018 Psychiatry has long attracted interpretations from cool, detached perspectives valuing objectivity (Kraepelin, Freud, Beck,
Professor Beatrice Han-Pile
Dr. Quinton Deeley