“Drawing on the history of political ideas and current research on the nature of power, Blaug shows that corruption affects both
“A unique study of illness in heads of government between 1901 and 2007, and how it affects the process of government and


“…absolute power corrupts absolutely?  …our findings indicated that there is no absolute connection between power and corrupt practice.” Fang Wang
“….only once we understand (how individuals gain power) can we predict who receives power and thus ensure that power is
“The researchers ..examined.. the speeches of two UK Prime Ministers said to meet criteria for hubris syndrome (Margaret Thatcher and
Grandiose narcissism is associated with superior overall greatness and several positive measures of performance – but also with negative outcomes,
“Across five experiments … we found strong evidence that the powerful are more likely to engage in moral hypocrisy than


In light of the recent publication ‘Fire and Fury’ by Michael Wolff, CNN’s Michael Smerconish states that we are wrong
“…simple transformations of texts … can expose unseen information reflecting a writer’s cognitive status, mental life, and even personality… Peter Garrard,
Lord David Owen, Clinical Neurologist and Psychiatric Registrar, St Thomas’s London, Former UK Minister of Health and Foreign Secretary discusses
Professor Ian Robertson, Founding Director of Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience and Chair in Psychology at Trinity College, Dublin discusses
The challenge now is to begin to understand how lower level mental processes manifest themselves in higher order decisions and